The Guardian Loons: a tribute to Lynda

They came to watch over her in the form of a pair of loons that popped up in front of her kayak as she was paddling against the wind. They dove and resurfaced unusually close and stayed near for the next several minutes until we drew near a diving rock where several people were perched.

As we paddled past the rock a fierce gust of wind kicked up blowing directly in our face intent on pushing us all backwards. It seemed to have a malevolent bent as it blew the cap off of her bald head dropping it in the water directly in front of the young people gathered on the swimming rock. As she scooped it from the water and put the saturated cap back on her head the capricious wind pushed her boat twenty-feet back out into the lake.

Guardian Loon on Echo Lake
photo by Lynda

The wind settled a bit and we re-traced our path paddling back to the edge. As we neared the swimming rock a second time the unfriendly force again blew fiercely. This time she pushed through digging in with her inner strength and just as she got past the rock, the loons appeared once again in front of her boat and escorted her up the shore line to the point just before the boat landing.

Who, I thought to myself, has come from the other side to check on you and let you know that you are not alone in your journey? Is this guardian spirit in one or both of these loons? This question formed in my mind but I did not speak it aloud to my friend who we had taken out on the lake to enjoy what proved to be her last paddle before crossing over. Did she also recognize the unusual visit, how close the loons stayed and how they seemed to protect and watch over her and guide her forward as she used the last of the energy she had gathered over the past two days for this foray onto the lake?

Our dear friend Lynda passed 6 weeks after this trip.   She was strong, fiercely independent and she lived life in the fashion that the old Frank Sinatra song croons, “I did it my way.”  An avid hiker, backpacker, world traveler, and story teller,  this is her most ambitious journey yet; this one without a map, compass or travel guide.

Launching Lynda on Echo Lake

Enjoying morning sun at Maine cottage

With cousin Diane

Hamming it up – Chemo Sabe

Healthier days at our son’s graduation

7 thoughts on “The Guardian Loons: a tribute to Lynda

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  2. I am very soory to hear the sad news of dismisal of dearest Lynda! Its really a big shuck for me. i knew her since 1993 while she was serving in Nepal as PCV and since then we became a very good friend who provide me a wonderful visit to US and we had a very good time with her during the year 2002 and visited almost whole eastcost in camphor which was a really a big and inforgettable event in my life. When I was visiting her, she introduced with many friends and they are wonderful. I really missed her since she was a great friend and mentor as well. I pray with god for her soul in to be in heaven. I really missed her and my heartfelt condolence to all those friends of Lynda, family specially to brother jim. Dear Cyndie, I really missed a very good friend and family member, i was unable to write since I was away from Kathmandu without having internet. I pray with GOD to provide sufficient energy to those all to copeup with this sad news. I salute her as she was wonderful in this world.


  3. My cousin Lynda —– What times we had before the family cookie making and then she showed me that there was life when the cookie making was over.The last two years. A drive back from Florida, she drove all the way, in the camper, She talked of plans for us to go on several adventures together. We went to Copper Canyon Mexico last year, she had never been there. How happy she was. Blueberry picking on top of Mt. Major last summer. Yes, she was ahead of me on the climb. Then kayaking, my first time, yes she was ahead of me and several day trips to some of her favorate places. I wish that we could have had more time. I will always remember her as my wild and adventures Cousin. She lived a full life the way SHE wanted to. Cousin Lynda I am sure that you are now on her greatest adventure ever. I will Miss You


  4. I had the honer of being helping Linda on an overnight camping trip on Mt Major. Her mission was to test new camping gear before heading off to the hills of Padigonia to count condors. I found myself running out of steam about 2/3 of the way up where as she just kept chugging up the hill. In review after, her pack was 2 lb heavier than mine.
    An aside, that was the last hike Tasha was able to make.
    Miss you Linda


    • So true Steve – she was always leaving me in the dust whether we were hiking, snow shoeing, kayaking or bike riding . . .


  5. When I think of Lynda, what comes to mind
    is a spunky, jolly, adventurous women, who
    knew how to live life to the fullest. I loved to
    hear her stories of globe trotting around
    the world. Skiing with Lynda at Gunstock,
    I could barely keep up with her!
    May you rest in Peace……


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