Gathering Seeds

Seeds. Little packets of new life waiting to experience the world. What if human beings’ role on this earth has always been about helping plants to get from one place to another? Now wouldn’t that be a bit of humble pie? The seeds in the purple tub will be spread in the unmowed v-shaped patch…


The dog who sleeps late

Harry finally decides to get up at 10am. I’ve never known a dog who isn’t up either looking for breakfast or to go out and do his business. He steals our bed when we get up and sleeps for another 2-3 hours if we don’t kick him out of bed


Where do the fish go?

The river that flows through town is largely dry except for some pools of very warm, greenish water. So where do the fish, river otters, mink and beavers go? A shallow pool. Had hoped for some rain from tropical storm Hermine but only got a couple of brief showers that barely made the ground wet.…


Hummingbird moments

What is it about hummingbirds that capture our attention? I was working in the garden a couple of evenings ago and looked up and there she was. I stood still and watched her going from one tiny flower putting her tiny beak into each blossom. The phlox smelled lovely and sweet. After visiting flower after…


This Place

This place. It has held my spirit more times than I can count. There is just something about the calm aliveness that is here. Even on this raw spring day the unfolding of green life is palpable. The sound of the flowing water pulls me out of my mind to be present, to smell the…