Late harvest

A few minutes in the garden is all it takes to lift the spirits.  The season when you try not to notice that the first frost can come at any moment and bring it all to an end.


Chicken of the Woods

I have always wanted to learn more about foraging for mushrooms.In New Hampshire I’m told there is probably nothing that would kill you but you could eat something that would make you so sick that you’d wish you were dead. I’d really like to avoid that feeling! As it turns out, an old friend I…

Turning over a new leaf

I loved how this tiny tree was changing color one leaf at a time. It is interesting how we do such different things from one season to another. Last week it was still officially summer. It was in the low 80s most every day. There were many people out at the park on my noon…


Changing Colors

This week flew by. This month flew by. Summer flew by. Life flies by. With the movement of time, there is always change.  We can’t hold onto even one single moment. It is here and then it’s not. Moments of great joy, moments when you feel really strong – it turns out we can’t hold…