Appreciating the fleeting winter sun

Sunlight is so precious this time of year.  Many days have been overcast and snowing.  On sunny days our yard is still in shadow much of the day.  The sun does not rise high enough in the sky to climb above the tall pine trees across the street.  As it swings around toward the west it has already started to descend toward the horizon and peeks out over the neighbor’s roof line only briefly.  When I see the sun land softly on the snow, reflect on an icicle or brighten up a stray leaf still clinging to a vine I stop and watch it and cheer on its beauty, drinking it in like a thirsty traveler in the dessert.  Sometimes I quickly grab my camera and throw on a pair of boots and run outside trying to capture the sweetness before it disappears into shadow, then darkness.  Here are a few images I have taken over the past couple of weeks during the winter solstice season.  Enjoy the gift of sunshine!

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