Frozen Tide

And in the darkness,
there is light.
In the cold,
there is warmth.
In the frozen landscape
there is simple beauty.

And when we walk off the path,
treasures await.

These were shot during our walk this past weekend at the Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Newington, NH.  The sun was sitting low in the sky so the wooded trail was in shadow.  Through the trees sunlight could be seen warming the distant shore across the bay.  As we emerged out of the woods to take a look this unexpected gift of beauty was revealed.

Sun beckons through the trees.


Fantastic icy landscape revealed.

1-bay-ice-(5)-web 1-bay-ice-(17)-web

Ice patterns created by the rising & falling tides

1 bay ice (2) copy 1-bay-ice-(19)-a-web 1-bay-ice-(21)-web

Daylight fades . . .


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