Weekly Photo Challenge (Delicate)

The subjects in these three photos are quite different, but all say delicate to me – a fragile bubble, the soft petals of a begonia and a fresh blanket of snow ready to fall with the first breeze.  Which photo most means delicate to you?

My niece peering through a bubble

My niece peering through a bubble

Blanket of snow on the willows

Blanket of snow on the willows

Begonia blossom

Begonia blossom

Extra – fun Begonia fact: did you know that you can overwinter tuberous begonias and restart their growth in the spring?  I simply bring mine in before the first frost, stop watering it and let the foliage die back and leave it in the dry earth over winter.  (If you don’t want a pot of soil hanging around all winter, you can lift the tubers out and store them in cardboard in a dry place.)  In the spring, I freshen the potting mix and start watering it again.  The begonia photo above is a plant that I have had for three seasons.  It is resting now.  You can see other tuberous begonia tips here.

You can see my other entry for delicate,
Delicate are our ties to the earth, here.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Delicate)

  1. The bubble photo was delicate because of the bubble and the precious child holding it. After the tragedy in Connecticut last week, all children (and teachers…and everyone) seem more delicate and precious. Thank you for the lovely pictures.


    • I’ve been thinking about how people can show remarkable strength, courage and endurance yet our time span here on earth can be so fragile when the unexpected happens.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures!


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