Weekly Photo Challenge (Delicate): Delicate are our ties to this earth

Delicate are our ties to this earth.

Dear Spirit – may these outpourings of grief and rage remind us to treasure all of our children in life as well as in times of tragedy. Our hearts break wide open at times such as this. Please keep our hearts open as we make decisions as a nation about how to feed, house, educate and care for all of our children.

The delicate Day Lily - each individual blossom lives but a day.

The delicate Day Lily – each individual blossom lives but a day.

These statements below (on Facebook) were how I learned something had gone tragically wrong in Newton, Connecticut. They speak for themselves.

“Gave my baby CJ and extra hard hug and kiss tonight…prayers to all the Moms who cant do that tonight…: (”

“What a Fucking Train Wreck this World is……..WTF !!!!!!! I sincerely GIVE UP……Are You Fucking Kidding Me…….Ya, I’m sure those poor little kids deserved it, right ???? FUCKING BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody wants to kill someone and make the news, shoot my sorry ass please…..Leave the FUCKING KIDS ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“God, watch over the families of the victims in CT. Hold the children in your arms. So sad.”

“Many thoughts and prayers going to all the families of Connecticut. May you find strength in God, your families and one another. Going to hold my children a little tighter and a little longer.”

“Yup, My Name is Kelly R­___, and I am watching the News, and I am crying like a Little Baby……………………….

“I think that we need to also consider each other in this time of grief. GRIEF affects individuals differently, stirs up a variety of emotions & memories.  Please be kind & caring to your friends & neighbors during this very difficult time. Until we walk in each other’s shoes…we have no idea how such events affect them. ….Think about it…~Hugs~ ”

“I deeply love my children. And as a former teacher and school administrator, I can tell you that I truly loved all of yours with my heart and soul too. I brought your kids home with me at night, worried about them when they were troubled and was proud of their achievements. I will never ever forget when a kindergartner looked up at me as I visited the classroom and said with big eyes, “Miss K_______ s loves me.” Oh yes I did. He was taken away from his abusive parents weeks later. I cared for all of your children and would have put myself in between any danger to try to protect them. Words cannot express how I feel about today’s loss. I am glad to have been with my children. But I also almost wish I was with one of my staffs, my families, embracing our other children, because I know there were lots of tears in my schools today. God bless our victims.”

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