Pansy love

I am always appreciative of the local nursery that has cold hardy pansies ready the first weekend in April whether there is still snow on the ground or not. Beautiful plants ready for early spring pots make my heart feel lighter after the long winter. 

Almost spring light

I am always amazed at how the almost spring light lifts my soul. Every year. I don’t quite realize how heavy the darkness of winter weighs on me, how much I am holding my breath until the light is just enough brighter to make everything lighter.

Feathered friends on bitter cold day

I hid inside all day. Fierce winds added to a 10 degree F day takes ones breath away. I made hot soup and several mugs of tea to stay warm. The birds need extra food to keep warm and were busy visiting our feeders. Their bright colors definitely brightened my day!

Antidote to winter

The weather continues to act like a ping pong ball. Hiding inside today from the bitter cold winds. I’m ready for spring and gardening outside but am grateful to be watching the growth of the amaryllis on the windowsill. Contrasted with Wednesday which was 50 degrees and sunny and played hookey from work and hiked…

Winter is back

The temperatures have been weird all winter. January temps more like March, the first half of February was pretty normal with lots of snow followed by a 10 day stretch of April and May-like weather with rivers and streams thawing. The past few days have been bitter cold and windy freezing things back up with…