The long way home

When a beautiful view is just around the corner. This cellphone snap doesn’t begin to capture it. The cows in the barn were entertained by the lady with the camara. LOL. Nice way to end a long day.😊

Walking on water

“Do you want to walk back on the trail?”, he said. “No, let’s walk on the beaver pond. We can’t do that in the summer”, I said. Walking on water is pretty magical, don’t you think? The melted mystery paw prints are pretty magical too. 🙄

From swimmer to flyer

Don’t you love it (feel a sense of awe) when you get to witness one of nature’s sacred moments? I happened to walk by this nymph “shell” and see the greenish yellow adult dragonfly standing on top just after it emerged, the sunlight passing through its fresh, translucent wings. And then it was ready and…

Snow melt in New England

I took this a couple weeks ago during the warm spell right after 10 inches of unexpected snow in early April. There is always something alluring about fast flowing water. It always reminds me of how powerful nature is.