Walking on water

“Do you want to walk back on the trail?”, he said. “No, let’s walk on the beaver pond. We can’t do that in the summer”, I said. Walking on water is pretty magical, don’t you think? The melted mystery paw prints are pretty magical too. 🙄

Winter is back

The temperatures have been weird all winter. January temps more like March, the first half of February was pretty normal with lots of snow followed by a 10 day stretch of April and May-like weather with rivers and streams thawing. The past few days have been bitter cold and windy freezing things back up with…

This Place

This place. It has held my spirit more times than I can count. There is just something about the calm aliveness that is here. Even on this raw spring day the unfolding of green life is palpable. The sound of the flowing water pulls me out of my mind to be present, to smell the…

Love is all around us

Some favorite forest friends – the hugging trees. These trees are in the forest and  usually in shade – it’s hard to get a photo in the right light.  When we walked down the river they were in shade and then on our way back . . . magic!