This warm day

This warm day. . . The park was full of parents with young children. The redwing blackbirds are chattering in the backyard and a sparrow couple is making a nest in the birdhouse. The patch of crocus on the south side of the house has burst into bloom. Every year it happens like this.  And every…

Spring Alive!

It’s so amazing to watch these open over the past 24 hours when 9 days ago we got 12 inches of snow!  Yesterday afternoon, this morning,  this afternoon. The whole neighborhood feels more alive with birds singing, parents walking their kids around the block and the sound of motorcycles down on Main Street.  Welcome spring!!!

Pansy love

I am always appreciative of the local nursery that has cold hardy pansies ready the first weekend in April whether there is still snow on the ground or not. Beautiful plants ready for early spring pots make my heart feel lighter after the long winter. 

Antidote to winter

The weather continues to act like a ping pong ball. Hiding inside today from the bitter cold winds. I’m ready for spring and gardening outside but am grateful to be watching the growth of the amaryllis on the windowsill. Contrasted with Wednesday which was 50 degrees and sunny and played hookey from work and hiked…

Late harvest

A few minutes in the garden is all it takes to lift the spirits.  The season when you try not to notice that the first frost can come at any moment and bring it all to an end.

Turning over a new leaf

I loved how this tiny tree was changing color one leaf at a time. It is interesting how we do such different things from one season to another. Last week it was still officially summer. It was in the low 80s most every day. There were many people out at the park on my noon…