Spring Alive!

It’s so amazing to watch these open over the past 24 hours when 9 days ago we got 12 inches of snow!  Yesterday afternoon, this morning,  this afternoon. The whole neighborhood feels more alive with birds singing, parents walking their kids around the block and the sound of motorcycles down on Main Street.  Welcome spring!!!

Pansy love

I am always appreciative of the local nursery that has cold hardy pansies ready the first weekend in April whether there is still snow on the ground or not. Beautiful plants ready for early spring pots make my heart feel lighter after the long winter. 

Almost spring light

I am always amazed at how the almost spring light lifts my soul. Every year. I don’t quite realize how heavy the darkness of winter weighs on me, how much I am holding my breath until the light is just enough brighter to make everything lighter.

Gathering Seeds

Seeds. Little packets of new life waiting to experience the world. What if human beings’ role on this earth has always been about helping plants to get from one place to another? Now wouldn’t that be a bit of humble pie? The seeds in the purple tub will be spread in the unmowed v-shaped patch…