GF Oatmeal Kefir Baking Powder Biscuits


Can I have some biscuit? Harry dog’s favorite!

It’s officially the start of soup and biscuit season when it’s cold enough for two wool sweaters. In spite of the fact that I am sad to see the leaves falling off the trees, I am very excited to be eating my first biscuits of the fall with a nice hot bowl of homemade turkey soup.

I have an infatuation with the magic that happens when you mix kefir and oat flour and hacked a couple of other recipes to come up with this one. With gluten-free flours it can be really tempting to add extra baking soda or baking powder to try and get things to rise but don’t do that – it won’t really rise much because of the lack of gluten in the flour and it will taste really, really bad. Kefir however helps to make gluten free baked goods a bit fluffier in texture and adds some moisture. It works really well for baked goods where a buttermilk type flavor is desirable pleasing the palates of both your gluten free and not gluten free friends and family.

2 cups oat flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp psyllium husk (optional)
½ tsp salt
8 tablespoons cold salted butter (cut in pieces)
¾ cup kefir
1-3 Tablespoons of almond or other milk
Parchment paper


Roll into balls & pat into biscuit shape

Mix together dry ingredients in bowl. Cut the butter into the flour. I like to use my pastry blender and then finish with my fingers. A fork will do but will take a bit longer.

Mix in the kefir and 1 T of milk. Add more milk to get the consistency you prefer. Sometimes I make it wetter and drop the biscuits onto parchment by spoon. Sometimes I make it thicker and roll the dough into balls and form into a biscuit shape with my hands.

Makes about 1 dozen depending how big you like your biscuits! Bake at 425 for 12-14 minutes.


The final biscuit looks rather like a tall cookie because of the lack of gluten in the flour. Not to worry – they taste delicious. Good enough that Harry dog runs into the kitchen looking for a piece. And because there is no wheat or sugar in them, I’m happy to share some with him.

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