Changing Colors

This week flew by. This month flew by. Summer flew by. Life flies by.

With the movement of time, there is always change.  We can’t hold onto even one single moment. It is here and then it’s not. Moments of great joy, moments when you feel really strong – it turns out we can’t hold onto those either. We can’t make them last any longer than they are meant to.

For years I used to say that I’d stop coloring my hair when I turned 50 (it once seemed so far away!). Then when I turned 50 I was dealing with illness and I wanted to hold onto the fact that people thought I looked younger than my age. It was something that made me feel good in the middle of feeling crappy.


Chemical free!

Then I decided to just do it. I had cut out so many other toxic things from my life and I just couldn’t dump chemicals on my head – near my brain – anymore. I looked around at all the lovely women that I knew with natural hair and decided, I can do this too. It was time. Month after month, the fake color was slowly trimmed away with each haircut while the real me slowly emerged. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, I’m one more step toward being the real me. What will be next?

3 thoughts on “Changing Colors

  1. Ich glaube deine Entscheidung hat auch was mit dem Alter zu tun. Man wird weiser ;-). Ich persönlich meine, dass ich mich ohne irgendwelche Zwänge mein ganzes Leben so gab, wie ich mich gebe. Ich bin jetzt 74 und tue es jetzt erst recht. Ernst


    • The google translate was a bit unclear but I think I understand what you are saying. We do tend to let go of unnecessary constraints as we get older. Thank goodness! It’s especially good to let go of the ones that do not serve us well.


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