Gathering Seeds

Seeds. Little packets of new life waiting to experience the world.

What if human beings’ role on this earth has always been about helping plants to get from one place to another? Now wouldn’t that be a bit of humble pie?


The seeds in the purple tub will be spread in the unmowed v-shaped patch where two streets meet just down the road from my house. Many, many years ago I dug out extra plants from my garden and planted them there. I used to weed them & mow around them. Now I just toss seeds from my garden there and let nature decide what will grow. The plants that arrive, wild or not, pretty much tend to themselves with just a bit of pulling away enough grass or spreading vines to allow the plants to establish and seed themselves. These days I encourage the milkweed, goldenrod & wild asters and yarrow as much as the coneflowers, day lilies & phlox.


The other seeds (coneflower, rudbekia, bee balm & balloon flowers).  I’m primarily gathering to spread in the 1/2 acre backyard of the small manufacturing space we bought this spring. The soil was completely bare when we moved in as it had been a training area for utility repairmen with a “mini-forest” of utility poles for them to practice climbing that were removed before we moved in. There are some patches of grasses that have seeded themselves over the course of the summer. It will be interesting to see what happens with the flower seeds!


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