MLK and election season

I was thinking about Martin Luther King today and where we are now relative to civil rights. I have to say that what surprises me the most about this year’s presidential race is how much anger and hatred still seem to be out there – even among so-called leaders. It blows my mind that we have one candidate who is one tiny step from encouraging physical violence between Americans.

My dream is that we can turn away from this hateful discourse and remember that this is a country of great abundance and great resources; turn away from the scarcity thinking that says when we lift our brothers and sisters up that some how we will loose. My dream is that we collectively learn that lifting each other up actually “grows the pie” and we have everything to gain. When I was a child, that was the America that I believed I lived in. I believe if we turn away from the blowhards and turn toward each other, we might not be as far from that as it seems.

2 thoughts on “MLK and election season

  1. Ich finde deine Gedanken hehr und integer, es sind Worte von besorgten Bürgern! Egal, ob sie nun in Amerika, Europa, Afrika etc. wohnen. Wir leben redlich und gestalten und bestreiten unser Leben einigermassen mit Moral.
    Der Weg hinauf zur Macht, ob zur Politik oder Wirtschaft, ändert jedoch die Menschen. Wenn sie oben angelangt sind, sprechen sie leider nicht mehr die Sprache der gewöhnlichen Leute und leben in anderen Sphären….

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    • Very true words! (From the google translator) “The way up to power, whether for political or economic, but changes people. If you have reached the top, they no longer speak the language of ordinary people and live in other spheres ….” It so hard for me to understand how those at the top can still strive to accumulate more when they already have an obscene amount and ignore the suffering of their fellow human beings – but you are right, they no longer live in the same sphere. When all you see is extreme wealth around you I guess it would help to numb your compassion and understanding toward your fellow man.


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