Magical Milkweed

Silken threads released from seed pods glisten in the sun.
milkweed bunch seeds_pe (600x400)The seeds float like tiny fairies on the breeze.
milkweed seed 3_pe3 (600x450)Landing softly
milkweed fluff_pe (600x450)And whats not to love about a plant that is the sole food of the Monarch caterpillar.

milkweed seed 4_pe_2 (600x449)Read more about this amazing plant, it’s use as a medicinal plant, a sweetener and the fact that the silken floss
can be used as pillow stuffing and insulation.

4 thoughts on “Magical Milkweed

  1. In my 9th grade art class–more years ago than I care to admit–our teacher took us out to her farm to roam around and bring back what we considered were the best-for-art examples. I chose milkweed, big and fluffy and magical. Ah, if only I had your photographs, I would have had the perfect, most wonderful proof that my milkweeds were certainly the best-for-art examples!


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