Crazy for coneflowers – Weekly Photo Challenge

It is always a good day when I can spend time in the garden looking at and photographing my coneflowers.  When I visit them where they are sprinkled throughout the gardens around my yard, I feel like I’m standing among friends.  I love how each blossom is unique like every person’s face is unique.  It just takes a few minutes to pay attention and notice the different shapes and shades of the petals and the center disk.  Coneflower flower heads like sunflowers are actually a collection of florets – according to Wikipedia the centers have between “200-300 fertile, bisexual disc florets but some have more.”   No wonder they have such special energy about them!

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6 thoughts on “Crazy for coneflowers – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Relatively few people look closely enough at flowers to see how much variety there can be in a single cultivar. I’m glad you can see the individuals and not just the crowd!


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