Sharing WordPress with a friend

Moose Mountains

Kari with the Moose Mountains in behind. She is also the education coordinator at my favorite land trust which is named after these mountains.

I had the pleasure of giving a dear friend a bit of a tour around the back rooms of WordPress. A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. Kari is an awesome Trager Massage therapist and has helped me more than once and she is getting ready to have a presence on the web. Word-of-mouth is a great thing but a website would make it possible for other people to find her and benefit from her skills.

I greatly appreciate how easy WordPress is to use and that I don’t need to be an expert on SEO or pay an expert on SEO to come up in the search engines (kind of like SEO hacking for dummies). Though this blog is “just” for fun, the website I made for our business using WordPress helped us gain many new customers and increase our sales by 50% in one year. And through this blog I have been able to meet some really interesting people both from my back yard and around the world. Pretty cool stuff. 🙂



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