A bad case

kill winterDear Winter,

I am ready to break up with you.  Enough!

Spring fever.  Cabin fever.  Winter blues.  Get me the heck out of here!

I am sitting with an electric heater next to my legs to ward off the 54 degree air blowing in from the living room since the propane heater decided to quit last night.  When I left my art class last night the temperature had dropped to 13 degrees and the wind was gusting so hard, my face felt frozen in the time it took me to walk from my car into the supermarket to pick up bananas, almond milk & toilet paper.  When I got home I had to wear a hat & scarf in the house to stay warm enough before I put my wool jammies on and hid under the down comforter.  It was a balmy 1 degree this morning with the wind still gusting.

The roof has an ice dam and water began to seep in yesterday down the ceiling and behind the brand new, two week only paint job.

The puppy is trying his best to not chew my arm off on the days it’s too cold to take him for a walk.

Did I mention how much I would love to go sit on a beach for a couple days and get the chill out of my bones?

I know exactly why the major of Boston is telling residents to not jump out the windows.

Huffington Post: Bostonians need to quit jumping out their windows, major says.

4 thoughts on “A bad case

  1. My partner has gone out to build a snow dam so the forecasted rain tomorrow doesn’t run off the road into our driveway, as it is wont to do. On the bright side, in 27 days it will be spring. Ha!


  2. We have sleet, freezing rain, heavy rain, melting snow all on the way. Flash flooding is the possible end result of this mess. It seems like this winter has been here way too long. We only get winter and summer it feels like.


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