Scale – Weekly Photo Challenge

Oh boy! It has been one of the snowiest and coldest Februaries here in Southern NH that I can remember with storm after storm of fluffy snow piling up.  Giant icicles have been forming on the few warm days as the mounds of snow on roofs melts a bit and freezes as it drips down.  I thought I’d share a few icicle photos – their scale is impressive!

We just had another 6″ of snow last night with another storm coming in this week.  This afternoon the windchill is brutal keeping most people indoors.  Have I mentioned I can’t wait for spring?

11 thoughts on “Scale – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. My wife was just reading me the weather report for back east in your area of the continent. Brutal indeed. Here on the Pacific coast of BC we’ve had no snow all winter and it’s been crazy mild. I think it’s got to freeing one or two evenings a month ago, Today I was outside working in the garden and it was about 55 degrees out and sunshine. And my wife talked to her son in Ottawa and we heard it was way below freezing. I guess this is what we have to get used of with climate change.


    • 55 degrees sounds heavenly! The wind has been blowing fiercely since yesterday afternoon – howled all night long – making the already bitter cold just brutal. I don’t want to head outside to drive to work when I can’t even keep warm inside! (I hope you are at least getting enough rain in your area so that you won’t be in drought this summer.)


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