May Goodness Win

In our corner of the world, a very interesting thing is happening. Hundreds if not thousands of workers and thousands of customers are calling for the return of a CEO of a grocery chain who was fired in a corporate move that is half corporate take-over and half family feud. What is emerging is a story of a man who treated his thousands of employees with respect, compensating them well for their loyalty and their role in making this business successful and who at the same time offered consistently lower prices to his customers many of whom were lower income. One of the most interesting aspects of this business model was the successful profits of this company in a very competitive business space (grocery store margins are known to be notoriously tight.) However these profits weren’t enough for the other family members who lived on the other side of the country. They took control of the company and ousted the CEO. I’m sure they were shocked by what happened next.

At a time when many corporations whose employees are doing work that could be considered moderately or low skilled are paying their people as little as possible and treating them as replaceable, unimportant cogs in a wheel, this CEO knew many of his employees by name and was known to personally reach out when someone became seriously ill or lost a child through-out many stores in a three state area! Mid-managers have put their necks on the line and shut down supply chains, emptying perishables on store shelves and employees at all levels have demonstrated for the return of their beloved CEO. Stories of his kindness and of employees bravely taking a stand are rapidly making the rounds of social media and hitting the local news channels.  People know they can work for any old jerk anywhere but that the leadership they enjoyed is rare and precious. In many ways they are fighting for all of us across this country – a battle for respect for “common” workers that are responsible for keeping many, many businesses humming along. It feels like a fight of good over evil. I am praying that goodness wins.

May Goodness Win

May the inclination of man
to love man rise up
and fill the heart so full
that the conscious mind
can only make one choice.

To treat brother as brother.
To treat sister as sister.
To treat fellow humans as fully human.

May lifting hands
replace the feet
that kick down.
Let those who stand
upon another’s back
in the illusion of tallness
step down
and feel the heights
of a loving heart.

May we discover that
true strength, lies not in power
but in shining a light
into the darkness
so those yet in the dark
may see –

Oh beautiful light of
kindness, let us
see the words to your music
and sing the songs of the earth
‘til the winds are full
of the sounds of gladness.

To see more about this story:

Check out this video of 10,000 people protesting!  Do you know of any other CEO that would inspire this kind of reaction?
And this story –
How Market Basket’s Deposed CEO Earned Employee Loyalty

It’s rare for people to fiercely protest the firing of their boss. Employees at the New England supermarket chain explain what sets ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas apart.  Read more here.

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