Artistic license to be happy

Noticing to learn.

That is my work of the day after spending almost 10 hours working on my first ever acrylic painting following several hours yesterday on the under-painting layer. (Technically my second painting if you count the abstract practice mixing colors piece we began with.) I painted through my morning walk time, teeth brushing time, showering time and checking email time – you get the idea. I would have been a starving artist, literally, except that my dear husband made me breakfast & lunch.  (Isn’t he wonderful?!)

My first reaction upon finishing was being happy with what I was able to create with my own two hands. But then, a couple of hours later that little critic started to whisper things like, “you SHOULD have remixed that blue in the napkin.” “Shhhh!” I said. And then, I reminded myself that it is okay to notice the lessons of what I learned from this experience – that is kind of the point of taking a class – learning from each project. But I can at the same time give myself artistic license to remain happy with my painting. “Noticing to learn” feels so much better than listening to that darn perfectionist critic I have been working to tame!

art class homework - still life layer 2

art class homework – still life layer 2

This is my first experience with an on-line class of any type.  (There was no internet when I went to school!)  Largely I am very happy with the experience.  I already know the instructor since it is the same person that I just took drawing classes with.  The hard part is not being able to get real-time feedback on things like mixing colors or on the brushes I am using – does this brush really stink or is it just me?  However, I would still recommend it.  I do like being able to go back and watch the video or read the instructions a second time.  You can check out the class here.

the first layer - underpainting - the idea is to paint the opposite of the planned final color

the first layer – underpainting – the idea is to paint the opposite of the planned final color.  Notice the cherries look like olives!





8 thoughts on “Artistic license to be happy

  1. I never thought about taking an art class online, so thank you for this nice idea. Have fun with your creations…art is a passion that feeds your creative soul.
    I love, love, love, your bright colors. Reminds me of Mediterranean ceramics.


    • Thank you for your kind words and for dropping by and visiting. I do think I am getting hooked on art. LOL! She will offer the class again at some point. It is pretty cool to be able to take a class with people from many different places.


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