Spring flashback 2009 – Weekly Photo Challenge

I was looking for a photo I took hiking the other morning that I was going to share and came across this one of our beautiful girl Rosie from Spring 2009 who passed on February 3rd at the age of 14.  I love this photo of her.  You can see by her blowing ear that it is a windy day on the mountain and by her wet fur that she waded into the brook on her way up.  I miss this girl so much.  It is weird as we make the hiking rounds of all of her favorite places this spring to not have her with us.


4 thoughts on “Spring flashback 2009 – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Dogs are great hiking companions. I totally relate to that look on her face and the thrill of the wind in my hair. Hmmm……I must have the soul of a dog.


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