Witness protection


This little guy was relocated from my yard for his own protection after he ate nearly all of my lungwort flowers, a bunch of Pachysandra and proactively before he could eat the kale in the vegetable patch.  I’m going to set the trap out again in case he had an accomplice.

Now if only there was a way to keep the neighbor’s cats away from the bird bath and bird feeders and from killing the garter snakes in my yard and pooping in my gardens.

5 thoughts on “Witness protection

  1. If you could somehow add a tiny fountain to your bird bath… cats don’t like moving water. I also found out that Lavender, Lemon-thyme, and a Coleus Canina (scaredy cat plant) keep cats away with their heavy scent!
    Used tea leaves mixed in the soil where they are pooping, may deter them or try coffee grounds. 🙂


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