Olympic Dreams

P1070685 (420x500)It was never the
thought of gold or glory
that inspired me.
It was the perfectly executed movements
that my mind choreographed
for my body.
Like an eagle’s
masterful dive toward prey,
my limbs would achieve weightlessness
as I sprang off the vault
or spun around the uneven bars.

My muscles remember
legs tumbling over arms
tumbling over legs
across newly mowed grass.
Strong, flexible, graceful;
never falling.

Just when
did my body
give up on such things?
Replaced by an
achy shoulder,
grouchy back, and
a fear of pulling a muscle
at even the thought
of letting go of gravity
to sail once more.

What Olympic sport did you dream about competing in when you were a child?  gymnastics and figure skating were the two that I dreamed about.  And always in those dreams was the sensation of nearly flying and moving with perfect grace.

2 thoughts on “Olympic Dreams

  1. I was a young teenager during the 1972 Olympics in Munich and watched all the track and field events. I was a high jumper, long jumper and an 800-meter runner and I dreamed of making it to the Olympics one day….I did make it to the German Nationals for the 800 meter relay I adored the German girl who won the high jump in the Olympics, she was my idol for years to come!
    Now…..oh well, I can relate to your aching muscles and fear of relinquishing the security of gravity 🙂


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