Sad good-byes to the best dog in the world

I fell in love with this girl when she was two weeks old when we went to go see the new puppies at our daughter’s friend’s house.   She has slept by my side in her bed beside our bed for the past 14 years.  Sometimes when nothing else could help me relax and go to sleep, listening to her steady breathing would do the trick.  I’m not looking forward to night after night of quiet.

When you look into her soulful eyes you can see she had a gentle, loving spirit.  She loved people, especially spending time with her family, extended family and her people friends as well as her favorite dog friends.  You knew when she loved you because she would lean into and you soak up all the petting she could get.  She was there to comfort our kids through the usual childhood disappointments and upsets as they grew up and moved on into adulthood.  She was always nearby and ready to scarf up and food the kids tossed her way.  She lost six-seven pounds when her steady stream of extra food disappeared.

Her favorite things to do were to walk in the woods, go hiking & camping, and to go to visit her Grammy & Grampa.  She enthusiastically went to work every day and helped to “man” the office.  She loved being a part of family celebrations like Christmas and Thanksgiving and birthday parties, the more people and food the better!  She enjoyed greeting the trick-or-treaters on Halloween and then cleaning up their dropped treats the next day.  She loved lollipops and we would get her one to enjoy on her birthday.  She would eat it with the stick end handing out of her mouth.  🙂  Mostly, she just wanted to be with us.  She was content when she was with her people.

She was my loyal guardian on woods walks and hikes when I felt like walking alone.  I loved the feel of her soft fur against my cheek.  When she was young we let her jump up on the bed for a few minutes of cuddling every night and every morning and she would lie on her back between us with her head on my shoulder.  She’d lean her face against mine and then against my husbands – pure love.  As she aged and could no longer jump up, I’d lie on the floor beside her and she would lean against me and breath a deep sigh of relaxation.  I am grateful to have shared 14 years of my life with this sweet girl.  She was an incredible trooper these past few weeks as cancerous tumors grew in her mouth.  We were happy to care for her for as long as she wanted to be on this earth.  Today the suffering became too much and it was time to let her go.  Rest easy my dear girl.  I’m sure we will be together again.

20 thoughts on “Sad good-byes to the best dog in the world

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  2. She sounds like she was a beautiful, loyal and loving companion to you and your family… so sorry for your loss, I hope the wonderful memories you have of your 14 years together help you through this sad time.


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