PJ’s, the perfect attire for the dedicated photographer

photograhy outfit (600x450)That crazy neighbor is at it again.  On the scale of crazy, I guess I’m pretty harmless but some things just can’t be helped.  When the sun is just right and changing quickly you can’t let a little thing like bitter cold wind, below zero wind chill and the fact that you are still wearing your nightgown stop you from running out the door with camera in hand.  So I threw on my sweatpants, down coat (with hood on to cover up the “Kramer” morning hairdo), winter boots and wool gloves and ran out the door to try to catch that perfect winter light shot.  I’m sure the neighbors wonder just what the heck I’m always taking pictures of but at least my colors matched – sort of.  Purple fuzzy fleece nightgown with purple down coat and brown fleece sweatpants with brown winter boots.   Everything goes with brown winter boots with furry tops, I say.  Maybe I’ll go to the grocery store next!  🙂 Aren’t pj’s the latest grocery shopping attire?

8 thoughts on “PJ’s, the perfect attire for the dedicated photographer

  1. Love this! I have been known to jaunt about the yard.. pajama clad with a less than discreet light jacket on top.. to check mail, water plants and feed cats.


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