Justaposition (2) – death or new life? Weekly Photo Challenge

When you look at this picture, what do you see?  A dead flower frozen in a winter landscape? A seed-head holding the potential of new life?  Winter food for the birds?

dried rudebekia (3) (600x450)

And here is how they looked this past August.  How many new plants will grow from these seeds?

rudebekia in summer (600x450)

And here they are in the fall supporting life with the gift of seeds as food for these goldfinches.  How many birds can you see?

gold finch eating flower seeds (8) (600x450)

And after a storm in December.

goldfinches in garden (4) (600x449)

What do you think about the first picture now?  Do you see anything different when you first looked at it?

5 thoughts on “Justaposition (2) – death or new life? Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Death and life………….two sides to the same coin. Lovely images, even the brown and crackly stalks. There is such beauty in nature regardless of the season.


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