Family – Weekly Photo Challenge

Isn’t this a beautiful family portrait?  A work of art I’d say!  So what are they, you ask?

Hint: you have one in your car but yours is made of boring black plastic unlike these carefully crafted shiny aluminum beauties.

VW MK3 MAF Housings

VW MK3  MAF Housings

When I’m not outside playing taking photos of flowers, mountains and other such things I can be found at work taking pictures of my husband’s metal creations to post on our website and in our Ebay store.  We call these group shots of our Mass Air Flow (MAF) Housings “family portraits”.   Nice looking children you have there lady!  (They do make for the easiest family portrait you will ever take since unlike children, they don’t move once you put them in place!  🙂 )

Have you figured it out yet?  These housings hold the air sensor in your car where air passes through to mix with the fuel in your engine.  Changing the housing affects air flow and horse power.  Plus these aluminum versions are a work of art and look really nice and shiny and your motor head friends will be impressed.  Below are some other family portraits.  To learn more about our MAF Housings click on over to our website at MRP Machine Company.   And like blogging on WordPress, these MAF Housings help us to meet people all over the world as we ship them worldwide.  Now if only we could justify the travel expense of hand delivering them!

GM Family Portrait

GM Family Portrait

Nissan Family Portrait

Nissan Family Portrait

Slot Style MAF (MK5 & MK6, Honda Acura, Nissan, Ford, GM, etc.)

Slot Style MAF (MK5 & MK6, Honda Acura, Nissan, Ford, GM, etc.)

Subaru 02-07

Subaru 02-07


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