2013 was full of change, now I’m ready for 2014.

Our family at our son's wedding.  Daughter "O", husband "M", Me, son "M", and daughter-in-law, "E"

Our family at our son’s wedding. L to R: Daughter “O”, husband “M”, Me, son “M”, and daughter-in-law, “E”

2013 was an incredibly full year.  I don’t think we have ever had a year jam-packed with so much change and so much activity.  One of the biggest changes I made was to leave my job in August as a facilitator helping communities and groups to work together better.  Since making that change I have discovered that I am much more resilient when managing all the curve balls (challenges & opportunities) that life throws our way.   I have more energy and am less tense which brings more patience making it easier to roll with things and not be overwhelmed.   I am giving myself permission to put my health before work to regain my best health possible from my bout with Lyme Disease including permission to have downtime to focus on play, relaxation and fun rather than serious save-the-world matters and it feels really good.

In 2013

  • I turned 50 & we took a trip to Portugal to celebrate
  • Our youngest child graduated from college drastically changing our financial responsibilities (a huge weight off our shoulders.)
  • Our oldest child got married and made me a mother-in-law (our family is growing!)
  • I walked out of my career and walked into working with my husband in our family business
  • My sister-in-law passed away
  • I spent a lot of time helping my parents.  It’s been a hard year for them.  (Dad pneumonia, Mom Carotid artery surgery, Dad broken hip along with Dad’s slowly progressing dementia.)
  • I laughed more
  • I took my first art class in 32 years
  • I read more books
  • We took a trip to Jamaica for our nieces wedding.
  • M and I began to discover that we really can work well together!

Here’s to more good things in 2014.  I look forward to growing our business together, growing my relationship with M and to a trip to Costa Rica to celebrate our 30th anniversary this coming spring.  I also look forward to having more time to spend in my garden now that I no longer commute 2 hours a day.

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