Moral Dilemma: when doing what your elders ask can harm them

poptarts (421x500)I can’t shake the feeling that I just helped one of the elders in my life harm herself.  Pop tarts, apple pie, donuts, ice cream,  cookies, cool whip, peppermints– these are the things that my husband and I bought at the request of our elder who is diabetic with an ulcerated sore that is not healing on her leg.  It is what was on the list that was given to us when we offered to pick up her groceries (yes there were some non-sugar items on the list but all were processed food except for one cucumber and one onion).

When I saw the items marked in the grocery store flyer she gave us to make sure we got the right things, all I could think of was my childhood days when us kids would circle the things our heart desired in the Sears & Roebuck Christmas catalog.  All through the store we said, “Should we get her this?”  “Should we really get her this?”

In the end, we did as were asked and got the things on the carefully made list.  We did buy a container of organic lettuce and some grape tomatoes that we knew she would like that were not on her list.  It really didn’t make me feel much better and didn’t distract me for worrying about the crazy sugar spikes she is likely to get and the negative impact on any possible healing as she works her way through her treats.  I hope she doesn’t eat them all in one day.  😦

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