Multi-colored Me: “A Hue of You” Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge is “A hue of you”.    I took this photo last weekend while visiting my parents.  I don’t think of myself as just one color, more like changing colors and thriving on color.  The colors of the setting sun hitting the foliage on the hillside and reflecting in the water held me spellbound as I watched the light and colors shift by the minute.  Isn’t amazing how the right light can make something you have seen your whole life become magically new?

androscoggin hue 2

Hues of sunlight – I am solar-powered and thrive in sunshine.  My energy drains away when we have several days of cloud cover.

Blues of water and mountains – water and mountains inspire feelings of peace and connection

Green – is essential.  Winter is beautiful but by spring time I am hungry for green growing things.

This was taken from the bridge I used to cross back and forth to get to elementary school.  It is a view of the Androscoggin River with the Presidential Range of the White Mt. National Forest in the background.

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