Full Circle: teaching you what you taught me

I have a bunch of posts that have I started in my head over the past couple of months but haven’t quite gotten to.  But this one is calling to be brought to life.

My parents have had more than their fair share of unexpected health problems and I have made more trips than usual up North to be with them over the past several weeks.  During one trip, Mom asked if I would go with Dad over to the church and plant the fall mums she had bought to add welcoming color along the entrance walkway since she wasn’t feeling well enough to go.  “I don’t remember how to plant flowers”, Dad said.

teamwork! mums planted around the light pole

teamwork! mums planted around the light pole

Mom and I gathered up the things Dad and I would need to plant the mums and Dad helped to load them in the car and off we went.  I was pretty confident that once we got there, Dad would remember what to do.  We worked side by side.  Dad and I turned the soil over each with our own trowel. We added some compost to the soil mixing it in and it was time to plant.  I started digging holes to put the flowers in and Dad put them in the holes and then he dug and planted a couple of his own checking with me to make sure he was doing it right.  When we were done he pulled the hose over and soaked all of the plants well since there was no rain in the forecast for the next few days.

Thank you Dad for teaching me how to garden and to love plants and for having enough faith in your love for your daughter to come along and do a task you were unsure of.  It was a joyous discovery to see that even though your memories of things are fading, your ability to learn and figure things out anew is alive and well.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give the gift of gardening back to you.

Author’s note:  Since this gardening excursion, Dad & Mom traveled down to watch our son, his grandson marry his love.  Dad fell in the early morning hours at our home and broke his hip, teaching us another painful lesson, that his emerging moments of confusion can have harsh consequences.  This picture was on the hospital room wall reminding him of what he is capable of.  He is now convalescing at home and I hope we will be in the garden together again come spring..

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