Point of View – Weekly Photo Challenge


Looking out the door of a tent is such as enjoyable point of view to wake up to and start the day.

(I do confess I haven’t done this since contracting Lyme Disease.  I both want to because it feels so good to sleep outside and don’t want to because of my fear of getting bit by a tick again and wanting to avoid a downward spiral back into illness.)

8 thoughts on “Point of View – Weekly Photo Challenge

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  3. It’s a great photo

    Couldn’t you get a mosquito net? That would keep ticks out. Plus it is possible to get insect proof trousers and shirts. Would be worth it to be able to explore the great outdoors again!


    • Thanks for your thoughtful suggestions! I’m not too worried about the ticks crawling in the tent (we do have mosquito net as well as a door), I’m more worried about bringing them on my clothing or body and not noticing til it’s too late. The deer tick (ioxides scapularis) is about the size of a poppy seed and the nymph is even smaller. When I hike or go blueberry picking or other such thing, I check for ticks and take a shower & check some more. When I first got bit (by 3 ticks!) it was on a camping trip. I never saw them on my body just found the bite marks after the fact and then the ER rash and then downhill from there.


      • You would probably notice on time these days, seeing as how you are very aware of the consequences of not noticing. It just seems such a shame not to be able to participate in an (another) activity you love 😦


        • We are thinking about trying to squeeze in a fall camping trip this year. The trouble with the nymphs are they are so tiny they are very difficult to see (especially with my 50 year old eyes.) They look like a tiny speck of dirt. My doc had one in a test tube that he had pulled off his son and even holding it right under the light it was hard to see that it was something that actually had legs on it. So in a dark tent or if it was in my hair . . . . it really has become a calculated risk vs. doing something that is good for the soul question.


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