One shot, two ways – weekly photo challenge

These sunset pictures are looking upstream on the Peabody River toward the White Mountains (NH).  The river’s shape has changed dramatically with hurricanes Irene and Sandy sending incredible amounts of rain water pouring down out of the mountains tumbling the rocks in the river like pebbles.  Last Saturday I scrambled down the river bank and sat on the rocks soaking in the peace and beauty after spreading my sister-In-law’s ashes earlier in the day (and snapped these photos).

Do you like the portrait or landscape orientation in the first pair of photos better?  How about in the second pair?


Second pair



9 thoughts on “One shot, two ways – weekly photo challenge

  1. I like both the second ones better, I like the stones in the foreground 🙂 I had lots of fun with this challenge too, no clear consensus, it ends up, whichever one you like the best is the best photo! A good exercise to play around with them though


  2. They are all lovely, with such beautiful clouds, but perhaps the portrait in the first pair captures the river the best… and the landscape really sets off those amazing clouds in the second pair. Again they’re all really incredible. Beautiful nature to find peace amongst. Thanks for sharing! ~Gina


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