Companionable – Weekly Photo Challenge

infinity sand sculpture

I love the image of this sand sculpture, Infinity by Carl Jara of Ohio.  There is something about holding oneself in one’s own hands and having that repeat into infinity.  We do hold our lives in our own hands in so many ways.  And it brings up a great question, “Are you a good companion to yourself?”

Here’s a couple other shots of other sculptures that showed companions.

a girl & her dragon

a girl & her dragon

a girl & her guardian angel

a girl & her guardian angel

And, oh ya – Carl is from Ohio and his sculpture placed 1st in the Sand Sculpture Contest.  Pretty good for someone who lives far from the ocean, don’t you think?!!

Click here for more photos from the Sand Sculpture contest

7 thoughts on “Companionable – Weekly Photo Challenge

    • Thank you, Marilyn. Many of us (well, me anyway) have the habit of putting others’ needs first and being self-critical. Then we learn if we are kinder to ourselves (more companionable) then we become better companions to others as well.


    • They are amazing, aren’t they! I think they get sand from the harbor which has a bit more silt in in. When they are done, they spray them with a mixture of water & school glue as a windscreen.


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