Companionable: My Dad – Weekly Photo Challenge

Me & Dad

This is a picture of me & my Dad that our son took a few week’s ago for O’s graduation party. My Dad isn’t just my Dad but has been my companion throughout my life teaching me how to ice skate, ride a bike, fish and how to grow vegetables.  And oh yes, algebra.

As he ages into his later years, it is also my turn to be a companion for him. Dad is in remission from cancer and is also experiencing dementia. These days we don’t know what he will remember though I notice that things he feels deeply about tend to stick with him longer, such as a visit with our young 6-year old niece. We try and travel up and spend time with him regularly. He may or may not remember our visit but I remember our visit and can know that he enjoyed his day. I believe the feelings of love and pleasure are in there somewhere and probably more important than ever. I am more than happy to hear Dad’s stories no matter how many times I hear them since he enjoys sharing them and I know someday I won’t get to hear them at all. Even now Dad is still teaching me about love when he expresses his deep love for my Mom and his appreciation of everything she does to take care of him.

One more thing – I love this photo of me and my Dad.

10 thoughts on “Companionable: My Dad – Weekly Photo Challenge

    • I feel quite blessed, especially to share walks with my Dad and times in the garden when we go up and visit. My normally quiet father will talk quite a lot while walking and I treasure being able to listen to him.


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