Meet Solomon’s Seal

graceful curves

graceful curves

Solomon’s Seal graces the shade garden with it’s curved, arching stems from mid-spring through fall.  It’s simple flowers hang gently below the protection of the leaves in spring. It is hardy and easy to care for providing a lot of reward for the gardener with little work. Mine lives quite happily under the apple tree.  I greatly enjoy watching it’s arched stems grow & unfurl in the spring and appreciate how it curves over the ground covers I have planted at its feet.  It is well behaved spreading slowly in the garden and is a great plant to share with friends.

To read more about it including it’s many medicinal uses, read here.  See more photos from my garden below.

solomon's seal

solomon’s seal



emerging in early spring sun

emerging in early spring sun

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3 thoughts on “Meet Solomon’s Seal

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  2. I love Solomon’s Seal also. I have it in my garden where it is slowly spreading to my delight. I have seen it in the wild (somewhat smaller and fewer flowers than the garden version). There is something very graceful about that arc of flowers…..


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