Meet my “Daffy” friends

good morning!

good morning!

Over the years I have planted daffodils in nearly ever nook and cranny in my gardens & yard. Partly because I really enjoy planting bulbs and it is the last gardening activity I can do before the ground freezes and snow flies and partly because I so enjoy their bright smiling faces come spring. It is surprising how many micro-climates exist in one small yard. My earliest daffs are the ones I plant along the sunny side of my foundation. They poked through the ground in mid-March before the snow melted and are now almost all gone by. Those in the shadiest or last to melt spots have opened up over the several days.

I must say that the daffodils enjoyed the snowy winter and cool spring more way me. Most clumps are lush with buds & flowers. It makes me smile when I come home from work and I can see the bright splashes of yellow around my yard.

According to the American Daffodil Society there are between 40 and 200 daffodil species and 25,000 registered cultivars. It would take me a life time to plant all of those! Here’s the ADS’s FAQ’s if you want to read more.

So here are some photos of my daffy friends. I’ve long forgotten what the specific names of the various colors and forms. Maybe you know?

7 thoughts on “Meet my “Daffy” friends

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  4. I, too, love daffodils as harbingers of spring. Along with the golden-yellow and sheer exuberance of forsythia, daffodils define spring in our climate zone! I once wandered through a wooded park where they had planted stands of daffodils, all different kinds (I think it may have been in the DC area) – that really opened my eyes about the vast diversity of daff’s around. Oh, and their bulbs are toxic, so you can plant them around your fruit trees so the voles/moles/mice won’t bother the roots and tree bark.


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