Day in Photos – Weekly Photo Challenge

Here is an early spring Saturday in pictures.  The snow has been melting all week and is nearly gone from our yard but there is still plenty of snow in the woods. The afternoon temps rose to a balmy 57 F (great snow melting temps!)

M. spoiled me as usual with a healthy breakfast before I went off to my 8:00 am Yoga class.  The view of the lake is a perfect backdrop for the class.

I then joined a friend for a beautiful walk through Union Meadows, a parcel of land that the land conservation organization that I volunteer for is working on putting in permanent protection.  The photo of the swinging tree, friend Kari hugging a large pine tree and the partridge berry were taken there.  The pine was amazing!  All of our huge white pine were cut when the English settled New England for “mast” trees for ship building and it is now rare to see a tree of this circumference.

I was pleased to find that the kale I had covered over with a low row cover survived the winter and is starting to grow.

I took Rachel, my VW Jetta TDI to the car wash to clean off the dirt and salt that were clinging to her from the last snow storm (hopefully the last of the year!)  She was happy to have her dark blue color emerge.  I was a pleasure to finish out the day with a delicious and leisurely dinner out with the M and the kids and their boy/girlfriends.  You can pick out M and I – we are the oldest ones.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Day in Photos – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Thank you for your volunteer work. I have spent several Saturdays in the state nursery repotting native trees. I am hoping to someday walk through a young forest that is on its way to being beautiful trees that will provide habitat, and that maybe I helped a little. Again, thank you.


  2. These days as we emerge from winter are so precious. I noticed today that the grass is actually growing and leaving a subtle jade green film in the landscape. Wonderful that you have a hoophouse, too. Isn’t it amazing walking in there with snow all around and something green is growing in there!? Happy Spring!


    • They are precious indeed! The first greens are so amazing to see after so much white, gray & brown. My hoop house is more like a row cover just over knee high. It would be wonderful to have one I could walk in!


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