Freak Out and Reach Out

“When the universe reaches out a hand, say yes.”
~by me (someone else has probably said this too and more eloquently but this blog is called “composting words” so this is my version.)

freak outThis week I have been kind of freaking out about my Lyme Disease. I wish I could blame it on a bad PMS day but it is way too soon for that. I’ve been freaking out plain and simple. The last 6 months had been a slow but steady path of progress and then bam! my symptoms have been increasing and my labs have been coming back out of whack. And in my typical over-thinking style of dealing with life I have been overwhelmed and worried about what it all means.

In the midst of panicky feelings I have still been saying my daily affirmations which includes a promise to the universe to stay open to a path forward in healing. Every time I have been stuck so far the universe has opened a door or put a person in my path to give me new insight so when an old friend contacted me last minute and completely out of the blue to go with her to a Lyme support meeting I took it as a sign and said yes.


What came out of that meeting was a strong suggestion to look at Babesia, one of the co-infections that can come along with Lyme. (Ticks are like cess-pools and can transmit 2 or more diseases at once.)  Sometimes in healing from Lyme people hit a roadblock with their progress and have to address another issue in order to continue moving forward.

So as I sit here my knees are aching, the ringing in my ears has been louder than usual for the past several days, the weird tingling/numbish feeling is back on the left side of my face. For the past few weeks my kidneys have been hurting off and on and they have been aching pretty steady for the past couple of days. I have been tired all day. My body seems to be revolting against it all with my white blood cell count low, kidney functions off and my blood sugar running high which it shouldn’t since I have been following a nearly sugar-free diet for the past 13 months. But at least I have a possible path forward to discuss with my doctor when I see him on March 8th. If there is one thing I have learned during this Lyme healing adventure it is: When the universe speaks, listen!  Maybe I can be calmer and regroup and refocus on my plan to better manage stress that I wrote about last week in this post. I certainly have plenty to practice on! Now if I could just muster up that calming deep breathing.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Freak Out and Reach Out

    • You are welcome and I am grateful for your support. I didn’t know anything about it either except that it was a bad idea to get it until I was up to my eyeballs in it. Hopefully I can help in some small way for more people to be aware so they don’t end up in the same position.


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