It tears me apart every time we loose another fellow Lyme patient. Jeremiah’s story is all too familiar of yet another person dropped through the cracks by the medical and insurance systems. My heart goes out to his family. I wonder how long this will go on before Lyme and Lyme patients are taken seriously . . .


“I know I’m just one person infected with Chronic Lyme Disease, and that on my own, by myself, it’s hard to make a difference. But when all of us, the thousands of people suffering with this disease stick together and fight for each other, that’s when we can make our voices heard.” Words from Jeremiah Katches, 29, who passed away Friday after a long battle with Lyme disease, was featured as “Artist of the Month” on the Innana House website last summer.

Thoughts and prayers with his family and friends.  He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

RIP, Jeremiah. Photo from the 2011 Sacramento Lymewalk.


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