Beautiful Blogger Award – thanks to these bloggers for adding beauty to the world

Beautiful Blogger AwardI have been nominated for a Beautiful Blogger award. It feels a bit chain letterish but I am honored nonetheless and am going to play along and see where it leads, mostly because it gives me a chance to reflect on the blogs that I have been reading, why I like them and to thank people for the gifts they have given to me through their writing and photography. I hope that you will scroll down and check some of these blogs out yourself.

Here are the rules for accepting first thank the person who nominated you, second tell 7 things about yourself, and third nominate 15 blogs and let them know. You should also copy the emblem and put it on your page.

  1. Thank you for nominating my blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award
  2. Tell 7 things about yourself.. . I love working with people, but also cherish quiet alone time, I adore my dog and feel honored to have such a special soul in my life, gardening – touching plants and putting my hands in the soil is as important to me as breathing, ditto with nature time, I have an overactive responsibility gene, I have a need to move – walk, hike, kayak, swim, yoga, dance . . .
  3. Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know.

I am nominating the following blogs for the Beautiful Blogger Award:

Blogs that make me laugh:
Excitement on the side – who knew being a parent was so funny!

Blogs that make me think:
Things I Want to Tell my Mother  – letters to Mom with Alzheimer’s
Human Rights Warrior- lawyer, Mom, human rights activist, just check it out!
Antilandscaper – observations and a sense of wonder about the world around us

Some Favorite poetry blogs:
Akita International Haiku Network
Tycho Girl– redacted poetry

Fellow Lyme Disease Warriors who inspire me
Lemons and Lyme – especially love the healthy recipes!
Fighting Lyme Disease – inspiring and intelligent young lady
Decimawho: Lyme disease, love and laughs – tells in like it is with humor

Blogs that make me smile
This Man’s Journey – the treasure of family
Table in the Sun – local food and local living
Day One – taking life one day at a time
No Dogs About It – Favorite Friday videos are the best!

Favorite photography blogs:
Canadian Hiking Photography – a great adventure!
Broken Light Collective– photos from people living with mental illness
Wind Against Current – photography, science and everyday life
Giblets and Flapdoodle – stunning animal photography and wildlife facts

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award – thanks to these bloggers for adding beauty to the world

  1. Thank you for the nomination too! I’m not good at following up these things, but really appreciate being considered! 🙂 Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while, have been ill and away… will catch up soon!


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