Vacation Agrees With Me

symptom chartVacation agrees with me. For the first time in a year my Lyme symptom chart had 6 days in a row that were empty, except for the word “buzz” which is the tinnitus that I have been experiencing 24/7 since the end of March. (Lyme doctors have patients chart their symptoms to be able to see the cycles of good days and bad and to be able to document progress over time.) Feeling good for me means ample energy, increased feelings of happiness and no pain or neurological symptoms. My heart feels so light and flowing over with gratitude to feel “normal”!

This has inspired me to continue focusing on being cured even though my doctor isn’t sure whether my immune system is capable of getting me to a complete cure. Belief is a powerful healing tool and I can choose to believe and influence my physical health with my mind.

I had a similar increase in well-being during our summer trip to the Maine coast and then hit a giant emotional pot-hole when I returned to work and within days felt like crap. Work just sucked so much energy out of me and when the pain, fatigue and other symptoms came flooding back my heart grieved for the loss of my well-being. I deeply longed to feel well and was concerned that my life would be reduced to 2-3 good weeks a year (vacation) and 50 weeks of struggle.

But this time I’m ready. What I now believe is that the rapid decrease in symptoms during vacation foreshadows what my future progress will be like several weeks or months down the road. Following the downturn after my summer vacation honeymoon, my symptoms slowly continued to improve over the next few months until I improved to the level of good health I experienced on vacation.

Dear Spirit . . .

Thank you for this reprieve and providing me a peek into what my future state of well-being will look like. I believe that I will heal completely from Lyme Disease and that with your help to manifest this intention that I am well on my way. My desire is to focus on life, rather than illness. This is sometimes hard when swallowing 23 pills and four types of herbal tinctures and drops a day but the focus on life will serve me better.

Reminder to self - focus on what you love about life and not on what you hate about Lyme.

Reminder to self – focus on what you love about life and not on what you hate about Lyme.

By being open to the lessons that this time of illness has to teach me, I have discovered that I cannot heal through physical strength and medications for the physical body alone but that I must attend to my my mind (thinking and attitude) and spirit (connection to the energy of the universe) too. I’ve learned that an illness that reaches so deep into the body gets tangled up with my pre-existing negative patterns and limiting beliefs (yes, I have some of those!) and surfacing and working on these supports the healing of the body. What I’ve learned is that rest, good food, physical movement especially out in the fresh air and quiet time to just BE with the beauty of the natural world are essential to my well-being. These things feed my mind, body and spirit, bolstering my healing and my happiness. Therefore I need to commit to including these things in my life as much as possible even when I return to work on January 2nd. Let it be so.

6 thoughts on “Vacation Agrees With Me

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better and I agree completely with the power of the mind to help us along. You’ve come through a “hero’s journey” with this disease like Joseph Campbell describes. I know it’s helped me to look through this perspective.


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