Weekly Photo Challenge (Surprise): Somewhere over the rainbow

Rainbow at dusk

Rainbow at dusk

I was thinking about skipping the photo challenge this week. And then the unexpected surprise happened. Over the Rainbow by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole popped up on Pandora and I found myself crying like a baby. You see this song was played at the funeral of my daughter’s best friend whose life was brought to a horrible, violent end by a gun shot on July 31, 2011 days after turning 20 years old.

Megan’s life was so full of promise. A hard-working, and beautiful girl inside and out she was the class valedictorian of her graduating class and was studying occupational therapy at the same university as my daughter. So this post is for you Meg; remembering your spirited energy, warm laugh and the way you lit up a room with your smile. Knowing you, you are in heaven welcoming new souls as they arrive with love.

(L to R) Meg & LIv

(L to R) Meg & Liv

In closing are Megan’s words of wisdom she spoke to her peers during her graduation speech,  “Remember, you are the author of your life, make it a best-seller!”  

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Surprise): Somewhere over the rainbow

  1. My thoughts and prayers to Megan and her family. With each rainbow on a hopeful sky, with each song of joy and hope, her legacy will be remembered. Her smile, her light, her joy, her hopes lives everyday. Heaven has another beautiful angel to watch and inspire us always.


  2. Rainbow at dusk as one listens to the magical, haunting, nostalgic “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” These are what magical, happy moments are all about. Wishing you an amazing Christmas full rainbows and possibilities.


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