Using mind and spirit to support healing

One’s journey to heal from serious illness can be quite personal and at times very lonely.  Along the way we have sparks of insight and even moments of magical joy – times when a deep understanding from another holds us up or when we discover things are finally working.

Below are the healing affirmations that I repeat to myself. It took me months to shape them into a truth that I could actually believe.

  • Thank you for my strong body, powerful mind and connected spirit.
  • Thank you for guiding my strong body, powerful mind and connected spirit to completely heal from Lyme Disease.
  • I release pain, tension, fatigue and illness from my body, mind & spirit. (Take deep breath and release the energy to the universe)
  • I release fear and anxiety from by mind, body and spirit. (Take deep breath and release the energy to the universe)
  • I am healthy, strong and happy today and everyday.

Me releasing pain, tension, fatigue & illness from my body, mind & spirit

I am not a natural optimist. I have a strong belief in the goodness within people and that by weaving that goodness and people’s strengths and gifts together with a common intention we can change the world (some would call this unrealistic optimism). But when it comes to feeling like I have power to effect my personal situation through belief, optimism often lies just out of my reach. This is where I understand the science of positive thinking to be true but my ability to really believe it will work for me lags behind.

When I hit a wall with my Lyme Disease healing, I had to confront this head on. Many of the medical signals I was getting pointed to the likelihood that I was probably not going to pull out of this through physical strength alone. My immune system was not playing ball; simply put – I couldn’t count on it to pull me through. So I had to ask myself, “What now?” True wellness talks about body, mind & spirit. Knowing my rational mind was seeing these signals and was filled with questions about whether I could completely heal, I knew I was in big trouble.

Long story short, I began to add in some complimentary healing approaches:  trager massage, hypnosis and a shamanic healing session. The strands of learning that I took from each helped me to build positive affirmations that I could actually believe. I could now picture myself actually healed and I knew I had the inner strength with the help of spirit to achieve it. This helped tremendously with the feelings of helplessness, doubt, fear and depression (Being told my spirit guide was a large Siberian Tiger gave me something powerful to hold onto – picturing this strong, graceful creature I could see myself burying my face in its fur; noticing it standing beside me gave me great comfort.)  Anyone who has dealt with a serious illness knows that your spirit is wounded along with your body. Traditional medicine only deals with the body leaving us to figure out how to patch together the other parts of ourselves.

No one I know can speak to this truth better than Katina Makris. Below is a link to a radio interview where she shares her incredible journey back from severe Lyme disease including long periods of being housebound and at times bed-ridden during which she lost everything (thriving career, marriage, home, etc.). It is an inspirational and instructive story to listen to whether you are dealing with serious illness or simply want to re-balance your life. I also highly recommend her book, Out of the Woods which tells this same story. Hearing her tell it in her own voice is quite powerful.  Katina talking with Dr. Irene Conlan, Surviving Full Life Catastrophe.

I encourage you to have a listen then please stop back and tell me what you think . . .

13 thoughts on “Using mind and spirit to support healing

  1. It may also interest you to know that the crocodile is a powerful healing animal spirit guide: Regeneration; renewal; connected to the earth power. I sometimes ‘meditate’ on Crocodile when I’m feeling ‘under the weather’. It ‘s not MY Spirit animal, but you can ‘tune in’ to others, and, if you connect with them, they can be powerful helpers 🙂 There’s also a lot more to Crocodile, but I won’t spoil the surprise if you choose to look it up! Blessings be x


  2. I’m listening to it now, thanks for the link. Your blog post has come at a good time for me, I’ve been thinking a lot about healing, not just of my body but of my spirit. I too have lost absolutely everything and it’s such a struggle to see a way through to where I want to be again.


  3. If you haven’t heard feedback from me in a few days, send me a nudge… I am dreadfully forgetful at times (fibro fog they call it) and I ‘lose’ blogs that I had meant to revisit! Xxx


  4. I will have a listen, I have fibromyalgia which can be very debilitating, especially when I try to ignore I have it and do too much. I am now, again, going back to the beginning, building my physical, mental and spiritual strength… It takes time, and I am impatient, and it takes faith. I can happily profess to a roomful of people how and why it works…. But like you I struggle to truly believe it will work for me.

    When I exercise too much I get tired. When I am overtired I get depressed, and when I get depressed I stop believing that it might work…..


    I must find which animal my spirit guide is – I like the idea of a tiger. Knowing me, it will be a crocodile (see today’s post 🙂 ) a platypus would be nice!!

    Thanks for your post, tomorrow is another day… Onwards and upwards! 🙂


    • I will be interested to hear what you think after. Katina was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia before she found out she had Lyme. I got to hear her give a talk at the bookstore, then read her book but I loved this interview. Tiger, crocodile, platypus – which ever your spirit guide is I’m sure it is something that you would feel supports you.


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