Too much to bear

Based on a true story that happened in our town during the summer of 2012.

Playing outside

Small child

born . . .

so much potential.

He wanders off from

the campsite

temporary summer home,

better than a shelter.

We can make it fun!

Found ¼ mile away

by the rescue dog

napping on moss

mosquito bites, cold

but safely

back to his terrified mom.

Town relieved,

parents hold their children tight.

How does this happen

in the land of plenty?

of private jets, $200 hair-cuts,

organic foods.

Hunger. Homelessness.

The answer is

too much for me to bear.

4 thoughts on “Too much to bear

    • Thank you, Jon. I wish that all children had a safe place to live and strongly believe we could make that happen if we wanted to. The saddest part for me is our lack of will to take care of all children.


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