Let’s talk about condoms . . .

Use condoms to reduce chance of spreading Lyme disease

OK, is there a right-side-up or up-side down? How do you roll this thing on? Dam, I think I have to turn the light on!

Watching me figure out how to use condoms after a loooong gap of not using them is pretty comical. The reason why, is not. I have been married for 28 years (no, its NOT that!) and never expected to go back to this. After all, I am 49 years old and my husband had a vasectomy 21 years ago following the birth of our second child.

Enter Lyme disease, the Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria which is transmitted to humans by a black-legged tick bite. Evidence is mounting that it can also be transmitted sexually.

deer ticks spread Lyme disease

photo from lymedisease.org

So why am I telling YOU this? If you are a fellow Lymie following this blog and don’t want to pass this god-awful disease on to your loved ones you might want to use a condom. The really scary thing is what this means to the REST OF YOU. Many people who are sick with Lyme disease are walking around undiagnosed. Less than one-half of people bitten get the “bulls-eye” rash that is the most common tip off to the disease. Many of those without the rash have no idea they have been bitten; these ticks are TINY especially in the nymph form and can deliver their toxic load and fall off without you ever noticing. And if you were to catch this disease through sexual interaction and become ill, there would be no outward reason for the typical doctor to even consider testing you for Lyme disease and you would get to join the club of the undiagnosed walking wounded.

So, what happens if you have sex with an infected person? Maybe nothing. It’s probably not as virulent at transmitting sexually as traditional STDs. But if you are the lucky winner of this unwitting game of Russian roulette your life could be transformed into a living hell. Suffice it to say that Borrelia once embedded in your system is difficult to kill and likes to hide in your joints (ouch!), central nervous system, heart (I need that!) and your brain ( REALLY need that!). You are smart enough to figure out that bacteria setting up shop in your brain, heart, CNS or joints is a really bad thing.

So why are you reading about this potential epidemic from an unknown blogger on WordPress? That is a dam good question and I for one think it is high time the public health community, medical community and our government paid a lot more attention to better understanding this disease and protecting the public from its sometimes brutal consequences.

Right now if you go on the CDC website, they will tell you Lyme is not transmitted sexually. They will also tell you that me and the thousands of other people battling chronic Lyme disease don’t exist (I can assure you that I am very real and so are the many other people I have met in my state, many far more ill than I am. Some are middle-aged like me, some are young children, teens, twenty-some-things – well all ages. Anyone not living in a concrete jungle can get this.)

So now that I have your attention, I am curious – did you know that you could catch Lyme disease through unprotected sex? (I had no idea.) Did you know that if you did and became ill, the chances of anyone recognizing that you had Lyme are pretty low? (A year ago, I didn’t know this either.)

Resources & References
Is Lyme Disease Sweeping the World the way AIDS has?, Katina Makris
Transmission of Lyme Sexually, through pregnancy, etc.  See Stephen Harrod Buhner’s healing lyme site.

8 thoughts on “Let’s talk about condoms . . .

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  2. I never heard that Lyme disease could be transmitted through sex. I should spread the word, because I live on Cape Cod, where ticks are so prevalent, you can brush against a leaf on a tree and one could easily drop on you. About every 20 people I meet have or have had Lyme. So, good information. Keep taking those walks. Good for the spirit.


    • I love Cape Cod but your ticks this year have been frighteningly prevalent. They’ve been pretty crazy here too. (My two geometry posts are from the cape one has pics from Race Point lighthouse, another kites on the beach in Ptown). The mainstream docs aren’t talking about it here but the LLND who I see is definitely making people aware that is something to consider.


    • Agree! The science isn’t finalized on this but they do know that Bb can show up in all bodily fluids including breast milk. It may be like that nature nuture thing – nature expresses it self when the conditions are right; it may be that Bb transmits person to person when the conditions are right.


    • Two women in the local Lyme group are pretty sure they got Lyme from their husbands who both had known cases. Just one more thing the mainstream medical community is ignoring about this disease at the peril of the public.


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