Golden fall foliage walk (photo walk)

We have walked this trail dozens of time but I never grow tired of it. It is lovely in all seasons and a wonderful, accessible escape from the stresses of day-to-day life. With a quick 15 minute drive from the village center area in the small NH town we live in, we are able to hike up through woodlands, marshes and blueberry fields to the highest elevations, the first mountains as you transition from the coastal plain. The peak of the foliage season is past and the maples have dropped their reds and oranges so today we have the more subdued yellows of the beeches and rusts of the oaks. They glow warmly in the partial sunshine of the day. The woods have begun to smell more “earthy” since the soil is damp from the fall rains and the fallen leaves have begun to decompose. Stroll (scroll) on through and enjoy the views.


oak leaves blowing in the wind

4 thoughts on “Golden fall foliage walk (photo walk)

  1. Gorgeous! It’s such a wonderful combination when your can hike through mountains and along the coast in one day. Our upcoming trip to Pt. Reyes, California will have similar terrain, but a lot less fall colors!


    • I agree that it is wonderful when you can hike the coast and mountains in one day. Our mountains aren’t right on the coast, about 30 miles away but we can see the coast to the south from the top as well as the larger White Mountains to the North about 50 miles away. Both are doable in one day but would require a car trip in between. Enjoy your trip. It sounds like it will be fabulous!


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