She Speaks in Colors

Have you noticed
that she speaks in colors?
Periwinkle, chartreuse, eggplant,
jungle green and obsidian
tumble right out
on her breath
with the words.

They form
portraits, and
soft, delicate water-colors;
sometimes abstracts that
feel like they have form, excitement
but you don’t
quite understand them.

They float right out
every time
she opens her mouth.
Some pop
like a chewing gum bubble.
Others linger,
rising like a helium balloon
that will drift down to earth
and the finder will wonder,
where did these come from”?
Who was the artist
who painted these magical words?”

Helium Balloon fallen to rest in the middle of the woods. (Found it on my afternoon walk after posting this poem)

This poem was inspired by my friend Ea, who always speaks in colors.

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